Welcome to the official webpage of Yuba Awas (Youth Hostels) in Tripura. Youth Hostels are joint venture of Government of India and the State Government. The purpose of Youth Hostel is to promote travelling students and youth groups within the country on low cost, budget accommodation in dormitory-style or shared rooms for young individuals. Presently there are two Youth Hostels, operated by the Youth Affairs and Sports Department, Govt. of Tripura. One at Khejurbagan, Agartala, Tripura namely Shaheed Bhagat Singh Yuba Awas and another at Ambassa, Tripura serves as an affordable, economical and purposeful accommodations 

With a focus on promoting an active lifestyle, the hostel provides well-equipped recreational facilities. It conducts workshops, seminars, and training sessions to support holistic personal and career development.

Additionally, the hostel actively engages in cultural exchange, community service, and educational initiatives, aligning with its mission to contribute to the overall growth and development of the region's youth.